Hello, friend. My name is Brin Gordon, and this Website is your one way ticket to interfacing with the voice of a generation, Brin Gordon. That's right, I'm here to show you all the wonderful things I have created for you, so cherish and admire them please. Brin Gordon is an animator, sequential artist, and performance artist whose work focuses on the creation of worlds which can be overlaid on our own like a transparency, and the revelation of those worlds which hide about the surface. They enjoy Free Play, Semiotics, Serial, Humor, and the word 'About'. They are  a candidate for their Masters in Fine Art at California Institute of the Arts in Experimental Animation. As well, I, Brin Gordon, am part of the Experience Cult Research Group with Patton Small ( https://pattonsmall.com/ ). Currently, they are a conceptual designer on a production of The Hamletmachine which will premier at the Fertile Grounds Festival in Portland, OR in January 2019, and co-running 'The Virginia Experiment', a paratheatric intensive in the forest. Be in touch!!



How to get in touch with the one and only Me: